View Full Version : MA401-1: Autodesk® Inventor Project Files Revisited

Autodesk University
2013-05-06, 01:28 AM
Instructors: Dennis Jeffrey, AICE, MICE

Class Description: Many Inventor users might ask the question; "What's the big deal about project files? - I just use the default settings that Inventor and I get along just fine...". Hopefully you are attending this class, because you realize that project files might just be an important way to become far more productive as an Inventor user. Perhaps you are considering moving to Autodesk Vault, and have been told that making that move could be extremely difficult and error prone. The reality is that projects are far more complicated than the "default project" approach. The default approach might work for you if all you do is make single parts, and never have to associate those parts with drawing files or assemblies. However that scenario rules out about 98% of all of us. We use Inventor because we create large, complicated assemblies with hundreds or thousands of parts.