View Full Version : Session 2, Part B: Robot, Revit and Fabrication from within the Revit Model

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2013-07-14, 08:24 PM
Instructors: Brenden Picton and Tony Ridley

Class Description: The following presentation will look at a recent project undertaken by GHD in which the project was completed using Robot and Revit from Design phase right through to fabrication.

The presentation will be split into 2 main sections, Robot and Revit.

The ROBOT part of the presentation will attempt to outline of the capabilities of ROBOT as a software package and design tool, and will also present a case study. The case study will highlight various options to allow the user to efficiently set up a steel framed structure and add floor loads, as well as perform member optimisation and checks in accordance with AS4100.

The Revit part of the presentation will discuss some of the issues we faced taking a Revit model right through to fabrication and how we over came them