View Full Version : 2013 Editing CADWorx parts in Fusion

2013-07-15, 03:35 PM
I am trying to use the two programs together, which appears to be by design. When I select a part in CADWorx 2013 to edit in Fusion it scales down the part to 39.37% of the size it was drawn in CADWorx. When I create the same part in Fusion and insert it into my CADWorx assembly it scales it up 254%. I thought these two were supposed to work together. I've searched for setting modifications but am unable to locate any. Insertion is always done as 1:1. CADWorx (in 2D) is what my co-workers use and as a new employee here I am more proficient at Inventor/Fusion so I can get it done 3D modeling done faster there but they are unable to use the parts in their drawings because of the scale difference. What am I missing/doing wrong? :?