View Full Version : AutoCAD 2014 Detail Component Manager inserting wrong scale???

2013-08-19, 04:45 PM
To all,

My detail component manager recently started inserting objects at the wrong scale. The objects are approximately 19 times larger than they should be. I thought it might be something wrong with a file I was working in but it will still insert objects wrong in the new drawing template that AutoCAD provides you with. I have tried some of the different scale commands such as INSUNITS and this has not helped my problem. I would think it would be a scale factor that got changed somehow, I have no idea how, but I can not seem to find said factor menu.

Any help would be appreciated immensely.


2013-08-20, 12:35 PM
I tried to replicate what you were seeing, and the only way I could get "scaled up" graphics from the Detail Component Manager was to start a drawing with an Imperial template, draw some reference linework and then set the drawing linear unit to millimeters and choose not to rescale any existing objects. Under those circumstances, Detail Component Manager items (whether from the Details (US) or Details (Global) databases) came in 25.4 time too large, but that was because they were being sized based on a drawing unit of 1 mm, while my reference linework considered one unit to be 1 inch.

I tried several different combinations of scaling/not scaling inserted content, INSUNITS and MEASUREMENT, while pulling from both the Details (US) or Details (Global) databases (the former is Imperial; the latter is Metric), and it appeared to scale the content appropriately in all cases.