View Full Version : 2014 FABMEP vs Revit MEP

2013-09-03, 03:09 PM
Have any of you used Revit MEP and then moved to FAB MEP and can give me some examples of advantages and disadvantages of going to FABMEP. I understand that FABMEP is more specific to the construction industry, but my primary experience is with Revit MEP and I can create a very detailed model in there. I wanted to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on pros and cons of FABMEP for creating VDC models. Can you guys give me specific examples? I wanted to find out from the real world perspective. Please give me examples and not just an opinion.

thanks all.

2013-09-09, 04:23 PM
With Building Data content now available in Revit, why switch? Keep it native, keep it secure.