View Full Version : 2014 Delete Key doesn't work on my Mac Book Pro in AutoCAD 2014

2013-11-15, 02:15 AM
Help! I installed Windows on my new mac book pro ( w/ bootcamp not parellels) and when I'm in autocad 2014 the delete key doesn't work. It works when I'm in Revit just not AutoCad. Is this a mac UI issue capability with autocad or is this something i can change/fix?

Also, when i go into some of the menus only half of the text shows. (**SEE Attachment for more clarification)

2013-11-15, 02:22 PM
Is your PICKFIRST system variable set to 0? Typically, the delete key will work when PICKFIRST is set to 1.

2013-11-16, 08:08 PM
Yes my pickfirst is already set to 1. still doesn't work

Brian Benton
2014-03-25, 02:33 PM
The delete key hardware is different on a MBP for some reason it seems. It seems to be more of a backspace key. I've installed Windows via Bootcamp on my MBP as well as AutoCAD 2014 and I am seeing the same thing.

2017-02-18, 06:28 AM
e= erase is the only way

if pickfirst =1 doesnt work,
if bootcamp> keyboard > tick the box use f1,f2, etc doesnt work....