View Full Version : 2013 Import ESRI ASCII GRID & Contour Lines

2013-11-22, 09:07 AM
Hi everyone!

I use Autodesk Map 3D 2013 with Raster Image.

The task I would like to accomplish is to import an ESRI ASCII GRID elevation model and create contour lines.

What I did so far:
- created a drawing with the 3d template.
- assigned LL84 coordinate system
- created connection to my dhm.asc file (ESRI ASCII GRID) with coordinate system CH1903 / height in meters
- add this as layer to the map
- assign theme for nice colors

So far this works but the first strange thing here is that the imported layer it slightly rotated.

Next step:
- create contour lines

A new layer is created with the contour lines and this layer is not rotated so it does not match exactly the surface layer.

My questions are:
Why is the surface layer slightly rotated after import?
Why does the contour line layer not match exactly the surface layer?


Anything I am missing/doing wrong during import?


2015-09-30, 05:28 PM
Does Civil 3D 2016 have Map 3D?

2015-09-30, 05:35 PM
Not sure about the rotation are creating a new surface in C3D if so it probably isn't using the same triangulation to create the tin or the one being import may have had face edges swapped you can edit faces to come up with a close approximation