View Full Version : 2014 Civil 3D 'shared reference point tool' and 'Integration with Civil 3D' revit extension problem?

2013-11-26, 02:15 PM
Hello All,

I've set my Revit project up using the 'shared refrence point tool' in civil 3D, which work fine, (Although i did have to set my project level to zero to get the levels to work?).

I'm now trying to bring in a Civil 3D surface using the 'Integration with AutoCAD Civil 3D', which works fine bringing in the surface at a true north orientation. The problem is, when the surface is brought in, the previously set revit coordinates are then broken! The Civil 3D surface is correct to true north, but the underlying revit project is displayed in project coordinates. When i try to change the revit project to true north nothing happens? I've tried various configuration, such as linking in the revit file, but always there is this disparity between Civil 3D at true north and Revit at project project?

It's a shame, both tools work well independantly, but there seems to be an issue when working together, please can someone help?