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2014-08-08, 05:56 PM
I'm fairly novice at Revit, but I can no longer do something I used to be able to easily.

I've switched from revit 2013 to revit LT 2015 and now I can't place a span direction arrow on a structural floor....and it's driving me mad !

As far as I know it should be possible...the online help suggests the following :

"...You can reapply a floor span direction symbol if it has been removed from the structural floor.
When you place a structural floor, a span direction component is placed in plan view along with the structural floor. Deck span direction is designated by the direction of the filled half-arrows.
Click Annotate tab / Symbol panel / Span Direction.
(Optional) To place the tag in the center of the structural floor, select Auto place on the Options Bar and click a structural floor to place the direction span.
If you did not select Auto place, select a structural floor.
Move the cursor to the desired location on the structural floor and click to place the direction span."

I've created a floor slab (structural) using one of the default profiled metal decks (corus comflor) and I know how to change the span direction of the slab as necessary. But when I go to Annotate tab / Symbol panel /.... there's no span direction symbol button..... all it lets me do is place a pretty ugly North pointer.

I can see the Anno_span_direction family loaded in the project browser, and I can right-click and edit the family,............. but I just can't get it onto my slab.

If I try to 'drag' it in off the project browser then revit gives me the following warning message "Can't create this kind of element in this view in the current mode"

I can't work out if :

a) My revit LT installation is faulty ?
b) I'm doing something wrong ?
c) Span direction arrows and functionality aren't in Revit LT and the online help is just plain wrong.

Anyone got any ideas ?