View Full Version : How to Take Annotation Family Quantity Take-off from the Model

Binu Mathew
2014-08-28, 03:19 PM

Does any one knows how to take the BoQ for annotation(2D) family BoQ from the Revit Model. We are using Revit 2014


2020-02-19, 08:17 AM
Material takeoff or, Quantity Take-Off schedule lists all sub-components or materials of any Revit family.

Material takeoff schedules encompass all functionality and attributes of other schedule views.

However, they enable AEC project stakeholders to show details of the assembly of a component.

Any and every material placed inside a component within Revit can be scheduled.

Include a schedule that provides details of the types of materials, quantities, as well as the costs for the model.

The process for creating a material takeoff schedule include:

• Click on View tab -> Create panel -> Schedule drop-down -> Material/ Takeoff (QTO/BOQ)
• Click a category for Material Takeoff Schedule -> Click OK in the New Material Takeoff dialog
• Select material attributes in Material Takeoff Properties dialog for available fields
• Sort & group, or format schedule (optionally)
• Click OK for creating material takeoff schedule

You can see the material takeoff schedule. The view gets listed in the project browser under Schedules or Quantities.