View Full Version : 2015 Design options or phasing?

2014-09-02, 11:22 PM
Hi Guys,
We recently upgraded to Revit LT 2015 from Autocad LT 2009 so hopefully there is a simple answer to this that I just couldn't work out in time last night trying to get this job out. We drew up the existings and then proposed new construction using phasing (simple stuff) but then my boss threw me a curve ball by saying he wanted an option 2 which had a different ensuite and study layout. I thought this would be simple using the Design Options tool but that doesn't let you make changes in 'Option 2' that don't change the 'Main model'. What I ended up having to do was make a new phase and demo and add new construction to make this new option while retaining the main design option. The end result was scrappy as It didn't show any difference between what was existing and new (this was the only way I could get it to display)

A bit of a head scratcher there but surely there's a better way of doing it?

Maciej Wypych
2014-09-03, 01:17 PM

When working with options, only the elements that are in the option set are being changed, the elements in the Main Model are independent.
So if you have elements that are different between options, you will need to create two options. Move the elements that will change in option 2 to option 1 instead of leaving them in the Main Model.
Then in VG go to Design options and select the option that you want to show in the view. It will show the elements that are in the Main Model and the option you've selected.

Duncan Lithgow
2014-09-08, 07:23 PM
People always have trouble getting to grips with design options so I'll try and say the same in different terms...

When using design options every object must either
* Be in the Main Model, and therefore visible in all options
* Be in an option, therefore *only* visible in that option


2014-09-08, 09:59 PM
And I will throw in that you also have to take into consideration that hosted elements (like Doors, for example) cannot be placed in a Design Option without also including the hosting element (like the Wall in which a Door is placed, for example). This can have a cascading effect. I found it took a few times working with Design Options before I had a good feel for what all should be in the main model and what should be in the options.