View Full Version : Session 6, Part B: iConstruct

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2014-11-13, 11:05 PM
Instructors: Daniel Smith, AEC Systems

Class Description: iConstruct utilises Autodesk's Navisworks collaboration and review software, by providing additional toolsets to project teams and consultants to manage construction information. It can be used to manage this information to suit the requirements for various segments of the industry, from design engineers to construction managers, and integrate this intelligence into a single 3D model displayed in Navisworks. iConstruct will allow users to format and standardise data within these models, bring in additional information from external data sources, and with the range of reporting formats, allow users to extract and present information that is required at different stages in the construction process.

There are multiple tools available within iConstruct and their adoption can vary for different stakeholders during the design and construction process. This session will aim to cover how these tools can be beneficial to constructors moving beyond the standard tools of Navisworks, adding more value to the BIM process with the inclusion of teams onsite.