View Full Version : UT118-1: GIS for the Utility or Municipality With AutoCAD

Autodesk University
2014-11-17, 05:56 AM
Instructor: Rick Chappell

Class Description: The benefits for geospatial information within any organization are substantial. There are case studies for many organizations who recoup their major investment in geospatial systems through increased capabilities. Sometimes, smaller organizations don't take advantage of these gains because of the cost of software and implementation, or they just don't have the skill sets available. Many of these organizations have AutoCAD, and with a small investment in Map 3D, these organizations have all of the capabilities of these geospatial systems. They can take advantage of the AutoCAD skill sets in-house and gain the power of place. Likewise, their bigger cousins can use the same techniques to expand their capabilities. In this class, we'll be talking about how AutoCAD Map 3D, along with other Autodesk® tools, can provide your organization with powerful tools to plan, analyze, maintain, and of course, design your business. We'll discuss integrating GIS into your business beyond design, including planning, operations, maintenance, sustainability and citizen engagement. We'll explore issues with design, standards and implementation. We'll use real world examples to show much you can really do with your AutoCAD Map 3D.