View Full Version : FM204-1: Real-World Traction With Green Buildings

Autodesk University
2014-11-17, 06:13 AM
Instructor: George MacBeth with Sean Benson

Class Description: Those who design and manage buildings have a tremendous responsibility for managing their environmental impact wisely. In AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Revit®, you have great tools for representing the buildings themselves. Yet much of the LEED® checklists apply not to the building itself but to site selection, water efficient landscaping, energy consumption, or recyclable collection. How do you assess how U.S. Green Buildings Council LEED certification guidelines apply to a building in your portfolio? And how do you go outside the building to calculate its true carbon footprint—including considerations such as the fact that buildings in different locations will be drawing power from coal-fired plants or hydroelectric plants. And finally, how do you express the capital costs, ROI, and cost savings, and financial risks in potential cap-and-trade legislation to management in a way that promotes concrete action on your green building initiatives? This session follows the experience of Hamilton County, Ohio as they used ARCHIBUS Web Central and the ARCHIBUS TEAMS Green Building and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) modules to support the County's efforts in initiating clean building and green building progress.