View Full Version : DV304-1: Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques With Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk University
2014-12-01, 03:12 AM
Instructor: Gary M. Davis

Class Description: This session explores the use of non-photoreal (NPR) techniques for animation output. Styles include technical illustration renderings using standard 3ds Max shaders. Design visualization models will be explored for engineering and architectural renderings. Some compositing techniques for optimizing your workflow will also be explored using Autodesk compositing solutions. Often, when a client asks for photo real but time or other constraints do not permit it, it can often be beneficial to go a completely different route to eliminate any confusion as to the intent of the artist’s work. NPR looks as well as hard-edge, mechanical looks can easily be achieved using standard 3ds Max shaders and renderers.