View Full Version : SE222-1: Not All Trusses Require the Autodesk Revit Structure Truss Tool

Autodesk University
2014-12-01, 03:42 AM
Instructor: Nick Hugley

Class Description: So I'm working on a shopping center, a church, or an entry to a health care facility and I'm using trusses. I’m not sending it out for analysis. It’s only a 24’-0” span, a pre-manufactured truss, maybe wood or cold-formed steel. I don’t need or want to use the Revit Structure truss tool, so what do I use? I will show you how to make a simple standard and mono truss that will show nicely in 3D and also as symbolic lines in framing plans for construction documents. You’ll see how you can make the roof pitch, heel height, and member size flex. I’ll also show you how you can create truss profiles from these same truss families. This is a great foundation for creating more truss families. Hmmm...foundations for trusses?