View Full Version : SE104-1: Maximize the Use of Autodesk Revit Structure Extensions

Autodesk University
2014-12-01, 03:49 AM
Instructor: George Ikonomakis with Elizabeth Werra

Class Description: We will go through all the Revit Structure extensions to maximize the efficiency and cut down on repetitive tasks in Revit Structure.<span style="color: #333333;">You&nbsp;will gain a better understanding of how to use extension tools&nbsp;so that you can work more collaboratively with software products such as AutoCAD&reg; Structural Detailing, Civil 3D&reg; and possibly Robot&trade; Structural Analysis.</span> You will be able to have a more productive and efficient way of setting up templates and minimizing repetitive tasks in Revit Structure, as well as a better understanding of using extension tools to work more collaboratily with AutoCAD Structural Detailing, Civil 3D, and possibly Robot Professional.