View Full Version : 2010 AutoCad in a mac

2014-12-04, 08:34 PM
What do you know about AutoCad in a Mac? I am shopping computers and video editing systems, but don't know how well AutoCad works with the mac OS. Ideas?

2014-12-04, 11:53 PM
Might get better replies in the Autocad for MAC forum. http://forums.augi.com/forumdisplay.php?1206-AutoCAD-for-Mac-General

2014-12-05, 10:15 AM
Is it a dirty mac?

2014-12-09, 06:34 PM
I'm going to move this from the AutoCAD General forum to the AutoCAD for Mac forum.
Please feel free to take a look around at the other discussions in here.

AutoCAD for Mac is a separate product from AutoCAD for Windows, so some of the features might be slightly different.