View Full Version : 2012 Text hard to read on 11x17

2014-12-24, 02:44 PM
Text in an instrument bubble (ie. Control Valve) is framed making it hard to read on a plot 11x17. I can not find a way to remove the frame, the only work arround I have used is reduce the lineweight. I have mostly just used the original non-P&ID instrument bubble already on the document.

2014-12-24, 05:34 PM
Contrats on your first post.

Sorry, I don't know anything about AutoCAD P&ID, but do you know if that instrument bubble is a block?
Can it be redefined?
Either redefine it without the frame or put the frame on a separate layer that can be frozen?

How is the the instrument bubble placed in the drawing, like is there a tool bar that places it there?

By your original post, I assume the frame is the problem so if removed your text will be more readable?

2016-02-17, 02:35 PM
Thanks Ted, it's been a long time sense I've been on AUGI. Found I could use "frame" set to zero to just turn them off for plotting.