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2015-01-12, 12:33 PM
Hi All,

I work in a structural engineering office and I've recently tried to use Revit LT 2014

When I've tried to place structural columns and beams into my project there does not seem to be any families for Universal Columns (UC), Universal Beams (UB) or Parallel flange channels (PFC) in either the structural columns or structural framing folders of the UK library. These are commonly used framing elements and I was surprised not to see them.

I tried reinstalling the content using add/remove programs and it made no difference, I also found a 2011 revit structure UC column family on SEEK but when I loaded it I saw no option of picking which size of UC to load.

I'm not an expert in Revit but I have used full Revit Structure at my previous company and the above mentioned families were all included, plus when they were loaded you had the list of which sizes to include.

I've attached a screeen snip of the installed families I have at my disposal

Is Revit LT fundamentally different in this respect or is my installation not complete? Or am I looking in completely the wrong place?

Any advice/help on this would be really appreciated.


2016-02-23, 12:39 PM
I'm in the same position and would also appreciate any assistance.