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2015-03-15, 08:26 PM

I am looking for some suggestions on the best way to approach a project.

I am managing an outdoor event across 5 cities, each of which will require a CAD plan of the layout. In each case I will draw up the site layout over a pdf underlay which will be the ordnance survey map of the site and surrounding streets. The event will have the same elements in all cities which include cabins, fencing, seating, staging, food vendors, and a large roof canopy. All of which I will add myself on appropriate layers. However the layout will differ slightly in each city. At the end of it, I need a pdf of each city for all of the contractors to use for reference.

I cannot decide the best way to manage this project. Do I :

create one dwg will all 5 city maps, and create a different layout per city
create a different dwg for each city

My intention in either case is to create a block for each individual item such as seating, cabins etc. so I can create a library of blocks that can be used in each dwg.

Could anyone suggest a good way to approach this project? Or how you would approach this? Are there any benefits to either of the above methods? And does anyone have any other tips when creating 5 different, but similar site maps in CAD?

I am using AutoCAD LT 2012 for Mac.

Many thanks

2015-03-18, 02:30 PM
One site layout per city.

Create individual blocks/drawings for each element you need to include.