View Full Version : 2015 Mental Ray Render: Lighting is Blown Out Sometimes

2015-05-01, 04:37 AM

Sometimes when I create a draft render using Mental Ray Daylight System the lighting on geometry is totally overexposed in white (image attached). I'm sure there's something really simple that I'm doing wrong, but this seems to happen randomly. I couldn't find any solutions after many searches online so I apologize if this is redundant.

The render preview on the environment dialogue is accurate/normal all of the time, and usually after a lot of renders & viewport/material revisions I'll get the expected results suddenly (and also seemingly randomly). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


2016-07-21, 03:03 PM
Question: Is this a linked model?

If so, delete outt the mr Sky portal that came with the link. Then create a new one from 3dsMax. That should solve your problem.