View Full Version : 2011 Cut Lengths for FP piping in CADmep 2011

2015-07-10, 06:01 PM
I have been retired awhile and started picking up work for a small company doing all of their MEP coordination dwgs. I was an elec. coordinator before retirement so have never run into how to put cutlengths into Sprinkler piping. I would have thought that one of the labels out of the box would do it but they don't seem to. Any help for an old guy trying to pick it back up? I'd appreciate it.

2015-11-11, 03:55 PM
If I understand you right want you are going to need to do is change the pipes ITM files properties to the length you want the default to be. Now if you want to specification to drive the length that is a little bit more challenging for someone that's new but can be done. Do change the default length right click on the piece of pipe in the service dialogue box that displays all the different item associated with the service that is active and select edit. A new window will open and make sure the Dimensions tab is selected in the right side. Look for the Length field and change it to the default value you want.