View Full Version : CR223-2: BIM for Contractors: BIM on Large Data Center Projects

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:21 PM
Session: CR223-2

Title: BIM for Contractors: BIM on Large Data Center Projects

Instructors: Zack Creach with David Epps

Course Description: This class will take the audience on a journey through the life cycle use of BIM processes on data center projects. As the number one data center builder in the country, we have had to devise very focused and efficient BIM uses on our projects. The project examples will range from a $50 million 150,000 square foot data center to a $400 million data center that can fit more than seven football fields inside of it. Different approaches for smaller projects, larger projects, team-approach, and accelerated "fast-track" all come into play when deciding when and where to implement BIM processes. Attendees will benefit by seeing a multitude of BIM use examples, with discussion about the challenges faced, obstacles overcome, and lessons learned. There is a common misconception that BIM is a magic Easy button that will fix every issue. This class will also share where BIM is not useful or practical, the lessons learned about managing non-BIMming subs and some pitfalls that both those new to BIM and the experienced alike should think about when considering BIM.