View Full Version : ME228-2P: Rapid Energy Modeling Using Photo-Based Reality Capture

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:36 PM
Session: ME228-2P

Title: Rapid Energy Modeling Using Photo-Based Reality Capture

Instructor: Mitch Dec

Course Description: Every day, buildings use substantial amounts of energy, water, and raw materials, creating a sizeable environmental footprint. The government mandates are clear: buildings must become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides the basis for practical, repeatable, and scalable analysis of building performance. Image-based reality capture technologies now allow creating a basic building model suitable for performing energy analysis when access to existing condition documentation is not available. Learn how Glumac has been successfully using the Autodesk® Image Capturing Solutions, a result from years of research effort in computer vision, in real cases. The process begins by capturing digital photographs of the existing building; next, the photographs are converted into 3D data using the Image Capturing tools. The resultant geometry is transferred to Autodesk design programs.