View Full Version : SE430-2: AutoCAD® Structural Detailing Steel Design and Documentation

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:37 PM
Session: SE430-2

Title: AutoCAD® Structural Detailing Steel Design and Documentation

Instructor: Adam Sheather

Course Description: This course will cover the abilities of the AutoCAD Structural Detailing Steel Module. We will look at extraction of the Revit® Structure Model, uses of the connection tools, creation of user custom parts, using the advanced parametric structure tools, machining, custom connection modeling, welding, drilling and bolt creation. Setup project phasing, best modeling practices and standards to make you faster and more effective at creating models. We will look at taking connections back into Revit for visualization purposes. We will then look at the various tools, for soft/hard clash detection, inspecting models, manipulating and changing models, and exporting NC fabrication files. The other side will be creating automated documentation, creating tables of data, and changing the UCS to show parts correctly detailed and dimensioned in plan.

2019-10-19, 07:27 AM
I am learning about it and this document is what I need, thanks for sharing, it was very helpful to me