View Full Version : UT314-1C: Migrating Your Data to Autodesk® Topobase™?: Here's How

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:38 PM
Session: UT314-1C

Title: Migrating Your Data to Autodesk® Topobase™?: Here's How

Instructor: Steven de Rosayro

Course Description: Most customers considering Autodesk Topobase as a solution will already have some form of asset management in place, and hence, a data store of their assets. This presentation is a detailed look at how to approach the task of transforming an existing dataset to a format that Topobase will work with, and some of the hurdles you will face along the way. You can expect to learn a structured approach to the task of data migration, the importance of cleansing your source data, how to build re-runable migration scripts, how to deal with a moving data source, and dealing with the expectations of the Autodesk Topobase data model. Finally, we'll look at data verification techniques that ensure a sound migration.