View Full Version : UT333-1L: Best Practices for Autodesk® Topobase™ Mapping in Utilities

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:38 PM
Session: UT333-1L

Title: Best Practices for Autodesk® Topobase™ Mapping in Utilities

Instructor: Brek Graham

Course Description: Learn about the most effective and efficient ways to implement and maintain utility mapping systems using Autodesk Topobase. This class focuses on mapping-related tasks with minimal exposure to Autodesk Topobase administration and utilizes the data model for electric utilities. Attendees will learn about the importance of standardization in their drawing files and how this may impact the usability as Autodesk Topobase source material. See how to create jobs with new features using various import methods or by simple digitizing processes; and effect the visual representation of your maps to meet differing user groups, statistical requirements or workflow status. Create output to various formats including Microsoft® Excel, Word mail merge, or AutoCAD® DWG. Gain a better understanding of how this enterprise-centric technology can benefit mapping and design staff.