View Full Version : UT322-1: Duke Energy Transforms Its Substation Design Process

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:38 PM
Session: UT322-1

Title: Duke Energy Transforms Its Substation Design Process

Instructor: Arnold Fry

Course Description: Every step of the way, Duke Energy is accelerating the substation design process with automation and integration. Soon, the company's substation design specialists will be able to devote virtually all of their attention to developing substations that are high-performing, safe, and cost-effective, instead of focusing on data entry, simple calculations, and counting. In this class, you will learn how Duke Energy approached the re-engineering of its substation design process with an open mind and a set of clear requirements: 1) Link the business systems involved, such as work order management and purchasing; 2) Automate all or significant portions of the BOM creation process; 3) Enable designers to easily leverage existing substation plans in projects; improve or automate load and capacity-related calculations; and 4) Streamline the communication of design intent to construction crews.