View Full Version : UT416-1: Water Companies Integrate CAD and GIS with AutoCAD® Map 3D

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:38 PM
Session: UT416-1

Title: Water Companies Integrate CAD and GIS with AutoCAD® Map 3D

Instructors: Anja de Clercq with Lieve Dedecker and Phillip Vander waeren

Course Description: The Flemish Organization for Water Distribution (VMW) wanted to optimize the workflow between the design department, working with AutoCAD LT® and the GIS departments working with Intergraph®. In the past five years, we reimplemented different Autodesk® products for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. A switch was made from 2D sketches to detailed 3D projects, and, so they could design more intelligently, they moved to AutoCAD Map 3D. The next step was the storage of all the measured data in a centralized spatial database created with Oracle® Spatial. AutoCAD Map 3D makes it possible to integrate CAD designs in the GIS system of the VMW data. VMW really is a true example of progress along the Autodesk geospatial value chain. During the class, we will explain how they did it, including growing pains, but focusing mainly on the achieved successes.