View Full Version : UT226-1V: Managing the Next Generation of Water Infrastructure with BIM

Autodesk University
2015-08-07, 05:38 PM
Session: UT226-1V

Title: Managing the Next Generation of Water Infrastructure with BIM

Instructors: Jamie Clayton with Marek Suchocki

Course Description: Following a 2009 Price Review, UK water companies have been tasked with efficiency gains of up to 20% in the maintenance and upgrade of critical infrastructure. As a result, leading water companies are pursuing a design platform supported by BIM and geospatial technology, where the end-to-end services are out-sourced to engineering consultants and contractors. For success, all participants in the supply-chain require clear vision, strong leadership, and standards definition with alignment of infrastructure investment programs to the design and construction processes. Learn how Autodesk Consulting is supporting several customers as they respond to these challenges. The adoption of an Autodesk 3D infrastructure design platform provides immediate benefits by reducing design and construction costs with subsequent long term payback through improved operational planning, proactive and real-time maintenance, more efficient fieldworkers, and sustainable asset management.