View Full Version : 2015 Section/Detail annotations by Dynamo??

2015-10-13, 03:46 AM
I am interested in trying to automate repetitive annotations in live sections and details. I would like to establish some type of template file wherein we could select the typical annotations for a given section from the properties box, rather than having to key these in each time. It seems like I'd need to establish a way section cut which could include additional parametrics. Each annotation would have a specific location within the section. For instance, in a foundation section, we have the same callouts which come up pretty consistently. These are things like "reinf. see _/S___" or "finish, see arch.", etc.

It doesn't make much sense to continually place these annotations, but I don't see where the section cut is customizable to do what I want. Any thoughts? Could Dynamo help in this?

2015-10-28, 07:01 PM
Dynamo can help automate the process. Konrad Sobon has a great blog about dynamo. He even has a blog kind of like what you are trying to do. http://archi-lab.net/element-tagging-with-dynamo/