View Full Version : 2015 Detail Items in schematic connected to 3D family

2016-01-19, 01:18 AM
Hellow is there a way to sync or connect a detail item or mep symbol in a drafting view (mep schematic diagram) to a live 3D object? in which if you click the detail Item the 3D object it will highlight? I'm not asking how to put a detail item on to a 3D family and act as 1 family because I know how to create that..but I'm asking how or is there a way that a separate detail Item family which is not inside the 3D family will sync or connect to a 3D family? To make it simple a 2D detail item family connected to a separate 3D family. Thanks!

2016-01-26, 08:30 PM
No. The inability to create smart riser diagrams is one of my Revit pet peeves.