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2016-04-02, 08:16 PM
In a drawing I insert blocks from a block library I´ve created, but some of the blocks in the library have beed edited, I now want to update all blocks in the drawings with the changes, but if I insert the edited block, I get an instance of the old one inside the drawing, how can I update the blocks?

got AutoCAD LT for Mac 2016

2016-04-03, 09:47 PM
You need to use the Insert command and the "browse" button and navigate to the modified version of the block.

2017-11-28, 09:57 PM
Did you ever get your answer?

2017-11-29, 12:16 PM
Did you ever get your answer?

This is an old thread... and we don't know if the OP got their answer or even came back to read it.
However... It sounds like they have a library of updated blocks and they want to change blocks in existing drawings to the updated ones.

If that is the case, as jaberwok mentioned in his reply, you would "browse" to the updated block and insert it from there, and AutoCAD will ask you if you want to "Redefine block" and you would say yes.