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2017-05-20, 01:55 PM
I've been preparing for this exam for a few months now. It turns out the practice exam sold by AutoDesk is no longer available. I would really like to know how the questions are formatted, what to expect before walking into the exam, a few sample questions would be amazing. I haven't had any luck finding sample questions. Does anyone have any tips?

2018-11-22, 04:43 AM
AutoCAD certification exam—there are always set of rules governing how a student should prepare him or herself towards the D-day and these preparation techniques outlined below cover pre-exam tips and exam tips. These tricks include:
1)Knowing your Syllabus
2)Study Effectively
3)Create your Test-taking Strategy
4)Test your Software and Workstation
5)Maximize Resolution
6)Read the Instructions and Choices Carefully
7)Understand and Use Inquiry Commands and Palettes

Ed Jobe
2018-11-26, 03:58 PM
Typically, there aren't multiple-choice questions. The testing software asks you to do some tasks that require knowledge of the software. Then the question asks you to get a value, like the measurement of point A to point B, which is only correct if you performed all the steps correctly.

2018-11-27, 08:28 PM
Hi Sammy12,

Have you visisted this website https://www.ascented.com/courseware-solutions/autodesk/autodesk-certification/review-for-certification (http://https://www.ascented.com/courseware-solutions/autodesk/autodesk-certification/review-for-certification)


I used the study material here a few years back to take my AutoCAD Certification Exam and it helped me pass. To my knowledge these are AutoDesk approved materials.

Also too, for the Civil3D exam, AutoDesk likes to trick you. They will make you do calculations in Square feet and then want you to convert that to Cubic Yards for your answer. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the built in Calculator as this can help you convert these numbers. That's just one example of how they like trip you up.

2018-11-27, 08:43 PM
Additional Thoughts:

1.When you take the exam you will need to toggle between 2 screens, one is the CAD environment and the other is the actual test.

2. Another thing, you can go back an revisit your answers, so make sure you go through and answer the questions and topics you are most familiar with first and then go back and work on the rest.

3. The test will end either when time is up or you submit the exam. If you have time left over, revisit any questions that you are unsure about, because once you hit submit the exam is over. You will know if you pass or fail as soon as you are completed and know the areas that you did good and bad on.