View Full Version : 2015 Does AutoCAD 2015 for mac have its own moust acceleration setting? RE disable acceleration

2017-05-24, 05:03 PM
Hi all,

I've moved from a PC office to a Mac office.
It's a bit of an adjustment. This post is about mac mouse acceleration. I've disabled mouse acceleration in the OS by doing this.

I'm not sue if we are in Yosemitie but it works... except in AutoCAD.
AutoCAD is still using some kind of mouse acceleration. It bothers me when I'm mouseing in close. It slows the cursor down. It's like mousing through wet cement up close to a detail.

Does AutoCAD have it's own setting for mouse acceleration in mac?

Ive also installed the logitech drivers for the mouse on Mac. It now has logitech's little application for mouse settings. The acceleration curve in there has no disable feature. You can set it to .5, 1 or 2. with a slider.

Thanks for any help.