View Full Version : 2017 Plant 3D Tag Customization - include quantity?

2017-06-28, 05:10 PM
I'm barely a Plant 3D user, but the only one in the office willing to dig into the customization. You've all heard the story - the client wants to see it the same way they've always seen it, but we want to move forward and use the benefits of newer software, and the two don't necessarily exist in the same plane.

The client wants to see the tag, either in the Ortho view or the Section view (but not both, with preference in the Section), to include the Item Code and Quantity. I figured out how to create a new Tag Style, assign the Annotation Format to include the Class Property "Item Code", and how to add additional subparts. I think that the key to including the Quantity lies in defining my own expression for the subpart, but I can't figure out how to express the Quantity value. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I can write it so the user can Manually Define the value after the tag is placed? If this works, I would consider it a work-around to meet the client's visual expectations, but I think this defeats the purpose of letting the power of software do it automatically and reintroduces human error. (I just tried it and couldn't get it to work)

Now, to throw a wrench in the plan, I can't simply use the Quantity value from the BOM. When using the BOM Annotation function, if I select an item that is associated with other items (I don't understand how these are associations are controlled), it puts two of the tags (bubbles) next to each other. This is what we want to do, whether through BOM annotation or Ortho annotation, for certain "groups". For instance, we would want to select a valve and show the Item Code and Qty for all of the associated parts - valve (1), flanges (2), gasket (2), bolts (12) - whether side-by-side, or even stacked would be nice, if possible. So, it isn't even the BOM quantity, but the quantity for the parts in that location. Yet, will still want the total number to show up in the BOM, which is on its own page, I should add - not on the same page as the ortho viewports (I've seen whispers that this may be an issue I'll be needing to deal with soon).

At this point, I'd be happy with getting the Qty in the tag. I should be able to delete leaders and stack it manually, but it would be nice if the tags would update because they were created properly with the info we want.

Whew! Detailed enough question? Even remotely possible?
A huge thanks in advance to anyone that can get me past these road blocks,