View Full Version : 2016 Plant 3d 2016 - Error Decrypting Data

2017-11-29, 04:35 PM
To all,

Any idea why when an Orthographic view is created, saved, and checked into vault, the next day you would receive the attached error....

Additionally, is there a way to effectively, repair and include the dwg in your project without having to recreate it?

Joshua Lee

2018-06-22, 03:55 PM
This appears to be a regular AutoCAD type of warning message. Possibly having issues communicating with the Vault Server.

Does this show up with every drawing that is checked into Vault and reproducible, or is it random?

There's not many options for repair of an ortho drawing in Plant. You can try a regular ACAD audit, run the PLANTAUDIT command (not sure if this one will check ortho objects, but it does work on the 3D piping models.) Plant ortho drawings and the inserted views can get corrupted for various reasons; crashes, network interruptions while saving, or issues with DWG file locks as the views are being generated. If you have a large team working in the project while someone is creating ortho views, it tries to lock the source DWG files and can sometimes cause corrupted views that will no longer update or just go blank when the update runs. In newer versions of Plant (2018 and 2019+) it no longer performs the file locks; just read-only.