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2018-01-11, 02:07 PM
Dear Forum,

A college asked me how to copy and paste lighting fixtures with keeping their information.
I (as someone with HVAC background) thought just copy and paste the lighting fixture. but worked without keeping it's information.
He has 4 lighting fixtures in a row and he wants to copy another 4 lighting fixtures right besides them.

Could someone show a workflow to copy lighting fixtures with keeping their panel information?



2018-01-22, 02:30 PM

Unfortunately, OOTB Revit does not support the function of copying a circuited lighting fixture, and adding the new fixture to an existing circuit. The closest Revit is to that is the 'CS' (Create Similar) command. This should copy in a fixture of almost identical data (Offset, VA, Ø-Phase...etc..). But the workflow of adding it to a panel is on the drafter.

There are Revit Add-Ins that may have that functionality enabled, but my personal preference is to add them to a panel myself.