View Full Version : 2019 Create Floor Plans by Level and Assign Floor Plan Types

2018-07-31, 06:41 PM
Working in Revit MEP 2019, Dynamo version I am a veteran of Revit MEP, pretty new to Dynamo. I believe this subject has been talked about a lot, but I am still having trouble getting it to work. I would like a script that will create floor plans, based on levels that are already in the project, and assign a view template based on a floor plan type. I have uploaded a pdf that explains what we currently have in our HVAC template and what I would like Dynamo to do. I'm still learning the different node types that are available but it is difficult to understand what each of them do without having a description.


2018-08-20, 06:47 PM
So one thing that you're missing is a break. Dynamo needs to tell revit to create the floor plan first. After they are created, you can assign the view template to the element. But you have to have the element first if I remember correct.
Option B (I think) is to create the views by view type and have the template applied to the view type with creation.
But I'm not that good at it either.
You can check out this link.