View Full Version : 2018 Plant coordinates vs real world coordinates

2018-10-25, 07:25 PM
I am wondering....

When would you use a plant coordinate system for a project? or would you at all.

Also, why you would use one. I am not familiar with them. Is it an arbitrary grid system with no real use but to break up drawings?

Thanks in advance and for your input on this.

2018-10-30, 09:24 PM
Not something I've had to deal with before, but, these conversations might add something for you:



2022-03-17, 03:00 PM
Information about locations of things inside a plant is proprietary and no plant owner wants any other plant owner to know how their plant is designed. Back in the day when every coordinate was measured by sight and stick, it was easier to have a bench mark set at a convenient location and measure everything from there. On plant drawings, instead of figuring the actual coordinate measured from the bench mark, the plant coordinate system was the easiest solution. All coordinates on plant drawings were called plant coordinates and measured from the bench mark. It kept information private and made things easier for the surveyors and draftsmen.

Your statement "but to break up drawings" was exactly the reason. Made things easier and private.