View Full Version : 2020 Change the text location for the interior elevation marker

2019-08-26, 05:38 PM

I am wondering if I can change the location of the text of the interior elevation markers (see screenshot). I am running into a problem with space; for example in this small bathroom, the text locations for 7A,7B,7C,&7D are encroaching into my walls and fixtures. I don't like it. Also, I want the whole elevation symbol smaller, I don't need it taking up so much room. It seems 1/2" is my only option ~ can I change it to 1/4"?

2019-08-26, 06:24 PM
Yes, but the family is complicated. It is made up of two families, one that is nested in the other. Each arrow is a separate entity. The parent (stock) family is Elevation mark Body_Circle.rfa and the nested is Elevation Mark Point_Circle. You need to revise the text/labels used in the nested family. See how far that gets you. Scale will be a factor. You'll get it right for this view scale and then in another they might end up too close, overlapping.