View Full Version : 2020 Getting the section tail/head to move with the section crop region ends

2020-12-08, 05:54 PM
It has always annoyed me that the section tail/head do not move with the section crop region ends. I just figured out that if you "Copy To Clipboard" a section and then paste it back into your view the section tail/head moves with section crop region ends.

2023-03-28, 12:15 PM
holy moly. this does work. thanks for your answer to this silly issue. ive search all over to find a resolution to this and here it is. copy and past.

2023-03-28, 07:27 PM
I agree with the annoyance of this, I wish there was a better way to fix it, like "lock" the head and tail to the crop region (without having to trick it).
I would only use that on occasion, but would be nice to have.