View Full Version : 2019 Can you break a fitting-to-fitting connection lock?

2021-02-03, 07:10 PM
If two tees in a length of pipe are connected fitting-to-fitting is it possible to break the lock between them to be able to slide one tee down the pipe without affecting the other tee? I can't find any means to do it; grab one tee to move it and the other tee connected to it comes along for the ride. Right-click menus don't offer an option to break the bond.

Yes, you can delete one of the tees, move the pipe that was attached to it's outlet to where you need it, extend the now broken pipe to the remaining tee, then extend the branch back to the original pipe and the program will insert a new tee. That's more steps than what really should be necessary. Anybody got a solution? :?:


(Hopefully the image will save a thousand words)


2021-03-25, 01:04 PM
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Well, I found out the answer. If you zoom in and select just the joint where the two parts meet using a Window selection something highlights: an ACPPCONNECTOR.
Delete the ACPPCONNECTOR and you can now move the piping on one side of the joint without affecting the other side.
Hope this helps somebody. Thanks Ian M. for sharing the solution!

2022-03-04, 09:53 PM
Try using Autocad's move command. It only moves what I select to move. Select the tee, the pipe and elbow you want to move, move them to the new location, stretch the run pipe to reconnect. Works for me.

Look at plantgripeditmode . Set to pipeLine and select a grip on each part to move.