View Full Version : 2021 Iso Start Point

2023-04-27, 04:04 PM
Cannot place an Iso Start Point in a particular model. Command line says, "Failed to add start point. Start point exists for line. Failed to add Iso Item." The block for the Start Point is added to listed blocks in the drawing. All layers are on. Iso Start Point block is not listed with blocks and is not showing in the model. Purge does not show the symbol. Tried erase all/remove window, shows same amount of items (not finding anything now showing). Unhide does not reveal it. Show All does not reveal it. Was having the same problem in another model but solved it by purging blocks and saving. Other Iso symbols will place in the model correctly.

2023-04-27, 04:25 PM
Here's what I did. Still don't know what caused it. I started a new model, copy pasted from old to new. Deleted the old. Faster than trying to figure it out.

2023-04-27, 04:32 PM
Spoke too soon. As soon as I renamed the new model to the original name, the Start Point disappeared and I have the old problem again.

2023-04-27, 05:13 PM
I had to change the line number to make it work.