View Full Version : 2021 ROOM TAGS NOT SHOWING

2023-05-25, 12:01 AM
so this is my problem and question. we are an mep firm, im working on a 3 story apt type building. the arch model is linked in, i did my floor plans for the mechanical. i copied said plans (worksets) to make the plumbing use filters to turn on and off the different disciplines etc, the mechanical plans will let me tag the room name no problem. but when i go to the plumbing plans, which were created from the mechanical plans, the room names will not appear. i get this warning "none of the created elements are visible in Floor Plan: first floor sanitary view. you may want to check the active view, its parameters, and visibility settings, as well as any plan regions and their settings." im still sorta new to revit, but can make my way around and draw my disciplines fairly well. please help, thank you

2023-05-25, 10:50 AM
It could be a lot of things,
but first thing to look at is your VG settings, and/or if you're using view templates (which is recommended), check in that to see if those or checked as not visible, or not visible in the linked model, or filtered out with worksets or whatever.

2023-05-25, 07:34 PM
so, i was able to finally see them, but im not sure why this is happening.
the views are all set by view templates, if in my domestic view, i go into the V/G overides worksets, and change the mechanical from hide to show, i can see all the room tags i have tried to create. the main floor plan is set by shared levels and grids. so why are the room tags going in under mechanical while in my plumbing ones?