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2006-06-20, 05:16 PM
I have a project that is set up to Synchronize the Display Settings. There is one file that will not --automatically-- synchronize the Display Settings. None of the "Ingore" boxes are checked.

How do I get the drawing to auto-synchronize?


2006-06-20, 07:07 PM
Update -- It seems to be an issue with Project Navigator......

I am trying to setup the display settings and the ADT content, so I started a project and included the 'Schedule Tables (imperial).dwg' as a construct for easy opening and transporting to and from work. I set the 'Schedule Tables (imperial).dwg' as a Standards DWG for: schedule tables, PSDs, and PSD formats.

When I made a display setting change in the 'Display Setting.dwg', saved, versioned, and closed; the 'Schedule Tables (imperial).dwg' would not synchronize upon opening.

It has to do with the AEC Standards Operations because I copied the 'Schedule Tables (imperial).dwg' construct in the project, then opened it; and the display changes were made beacuse the new file is NOT linked to the Standards Operation.

Happy 'sync'ing,