View Full Version : Display Representation - Roof Plan

Marv Muston
2006-08-09, 03:11 PM
ADT2006 SP1

Hi folks

I'm having a little problem figuring out a new display representation for roof plans. I have attached a drawing to show what I have done and am trying to do.

In the drawing, I have TEG Reflected which works like I want it to. However, there is one called TEG Roof that I'm having difficulty with. I want it to present itself similar to the one I created called TEG Reflected except with some layer differences.

Can anyone help me with this stickler?


2006-09-20, 01:25 AM

In searching for my issue, I may have resolved yours.

Check this out:
I changed the wall display from plan to reflected. Then, I changed the global cut plane for your roof display from 6'6" to 8'2". Lastly I turned off the window display. You can mess with the cut plane dimension if you want to show the openings below.

Give that a go.