View Full Version : Show Halos on MVParts below ductwork in ABS2006

2006-08-15, 06:38 PM
This may be a topic previously discussed, but is there a way to get stock MvParts to show as haloed lines when below ducts or piping?

2006-08-16, 02:42 PM
Let me amend this by saying that my ductwork and piping show correctly when they cross.

Is this an ABS 2006 thing that has been fixed in 2007?

2006-08-17, 01:16 PM
Usually MvParts will be configured to to be Haloed by default in ABS, sounds like somethings changed to stop that. Since there could be a couple things that could cause this, the easiest thing would be to have you post a quick example of the problem. I'm sure I could get this worked out for you very quickly in that case.

Kyle B

2006-08-17, 01:36 PM
Here is an example. The background is not attached because it would make the file size huge.

I clouded a pump beneath some ductwork and piping. The pump does not show as hidden.

I do not have the AHU in 3D at this point.

Thanks for the help.

2006-08-17, 02:14 PM
Looks like this is a display setup issue. You have MvParts configured to be part of the haloed line calculation, but you have not assigned a different appearance to the components that are deemed to be haloed by that calculation.

Check out the video I made pointing out the problem and the solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kyle B

2006-08-17, 02:32 PM
That was great. Thanks for the help.

We have only one version of this in my office and I have learned how to use it "on the go" so to speak.

Cannot get the company to allow for some training time or expenses.

The ATP courses have been helpful.

Thanks again.