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2006-09-01, 08:38 PM
Hello All

Seems like alot of people are asking how do you get architectural units to show in the properties dialog box and other dialog box's in C3D or LDT. They are asking for arch units such as 1/2" = 1'-0" instead of the engineering units like 1" = 40'.

There is a un-documented command in acad....go figure...Type in "aecdwgsetup" at the command line. Set the units to inches. This will change that particular drawing to those units.

If this has been posted before please excuse the repetition.

2006-09-02, 11:05 PM
You can also get there with the UNITS command. But why?

Most civils get kind of a shudder down the spine at the thought of working in architectural units - AND SO DOES CIVIL 3D. Parameter inputs are assumed (even with inches set as drawing units) to be decimal feet. If you want to enter a value in inches, you must explicitly use the inch (quote) symbology, and NO FRACTIONAL INCHES - NOT EVEN DECIMAL. You can enter 18" and it will work as 1.5', but enter 1'6" and it fails. 18.75" or 18-3/4" will also both fail.

Note also that the coordinate systems (and those of Map) are unit-specific - no geo-referencing or coordinate transforms, FDO connections, or other-coordinate-system dwg connect & queries should be expected to function.

2006-09-11, 02:19 PM
Agreed....Just a tip for the users that need to have it for some odd reasons. :-)

2007-08-10, 05:03 PM
Agreed....Just a tip for the users that need to have it for some odd reasons. :-)

I do Bridge design and Civil in the same drawing. Our Bridge engineer insist upon feet and inches, Civil on decimal! I have to switch back and forth during the total process. I'm the only CAD tech in the County. You ought to try and do Architectural drawings using Civil 3d and LDT. I only occasionally have to do these ....

2008-04-29, 08:43 PM
Is it possible to work in decimal units and just have your needed labels show inches? :?

2011-06-10, 05:13 PM
We are beginning our switch to C3D this week so I am just getting into it. I was very concerned reading this post. I do bridge/civil design and use both foot and inch units. I went in and set my unit type to Arch and insertion scale to 'unitless'. I was able to draw by entering decimals of a foot (1.5') and decimals of an inch (1'-3.5") It worked fine for me. You do not need to enter the inch symbol, but you do need to put in the foot symbol and the dash.

Edit: Just noticed this thread is 3 years old, guessing the resolution of this issue is old news. Nevermind.